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SVETOFOR is a unique online shopping marketplace which offers wide selection of products and services of suppliers for their potential clients.
Starting from our foundation (2004), over 400 000 customers have purchased products online and saved in average about 50 000 soms per year. At the moment we are the most popular e-commerce platform to represent new products in Kyrgyzstan. What makes us different from others?

With us everyone can find what he/she is looking for.

Customers of SVETOFOR (yes, yes you) are unique, and each of them has its own values, needs and means. Each year we are doing all our best so that everyone who chooses us could find what he/she was looking for in the most favorable terms! We are chosen by:

Purposeful professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmens

who want to spend time wisely, by not getting stuck in traffic jams or waiting in lines at 3-4 stores in Bishkek or in any other parts of the country. They prefer to get acquainted with a wide catalog of goods online and order delivery in order to do some other really important things during their free time.

In fact, we are the only trading e-commerce platform which provides customers with a full range of services starting from telephone consultations, an ability to compare competitors prices right on the site till the ability to order delivery of goods without leaving their homes.


Married couples

who prefer the opportunity to comfortably make the necessary purchases, based on budget, family size and their means. They prefer to order via SVETOFOR in order to know for sure that the product they have chosen is ideal for them (for this reason right on the site we have all the characteristics of the product with a detailed description), and that their purchase was made at the best price!

In fact: In compare with other stores, our prices for household appliances and household goods are lower on average by 10-12%, and the catalog of goods is 10 times wider than in any store. The range of the Svetofor trading platform includes more than 40 000 products and about 500 brands and is updated daily with the most current innovations. By the way, we are still the only platform where goods can be bought on credit and by installments from more than 10 banks. This option is available for everyone and can be completed within 2 hours with the necessary documents!


Young married couples

who have recently became parents, and to whom every minute is exactly the same as their own comfort. They order through SVETOFOR, since they know that the goods they need will be delivered at the right time and in the right place, you just need to call us.


In fact: we are the only marketplace that can deliver orders on the same day (provided that the order  was made in the morning), and does not require you to come to the store to leave a prepayment.

Caring children

pleasing parents with high-quality equipment, who are far from home, but who want to take care of the convenience and comfort of the older generation. They know for sure that having paid for the goods from another city, they can not worry that the goods will not come to their parents. They know that SVETOFOR has been working for 14 years to make people happy every day!

In fact, Within 14 years, more than 5,000 buyers bought gifts to their loved ones remotely, by being outside of the country!


Caring parents

who want to take care of the welfare of their children. Do they marry a daughter, or marry a son, or just want to congratulate someone in important event they buy in SVETOFOR. Because they know that we provide qualitative advice and assistance in choosing the right product with a help of our call center operators who monthly pass trainings from partners and regular certification of product knowledge. In addition, we can be the first to find all the new products and bestsellers, ranging from modern technology, to beautiful and cozy home furnishings. Another nice bonus is that all products you can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Schoolchildren and Students

From the very first day of its foundation, SVETOFOR helped children to get acquainted with all the advantages of a product and, as a result, to make really necessary purchases, saving both time and money of their parents! 


Large organizations.

Our company offers for corporate clients convenient and reliable payment methods. You can make purchases without leaving the office, by paying for them with a bank transfer, Visa bank card or Elsom.

In fact, almost all the largest companies of Kyrgyzstan cooperate with us. They are Kumtor, Forester, UNDP, Office of the President, Finca, Bakai Bank, Companion Bank and many others!



In addition to the fact that we have everything that is needed for sellers (goods and services that require quality requirements and standards) they may completely forget about the problems and routine work, and simply make a profit from sales through the Svetofor website. Thus can be made in our section «Sell on Svetofor».
This approach to work allows our customers not only find and select the right product, but also choose a seller.

SVETOFOR is not a Marketplace which sells final product and services. Information about the seller is presented in the accompanying documents on the website and on the item card
Our life credo
  • Happy buyer - happy country! We want every citizen of Kyrgyzstan to live as comfortable as possible.

  • Convenience and comfort are available to everyone. We are trying to prove what is commonly believed.

  • With SVETOFOR you do not overpay for your comfort.

  • Quality and high service is what everyone is worth. We try to provide the same quality service for every customer!

The key value in our company is People

We are young ... ambitious ... self-confident! And we want every Kyrgyz citizen, entrepreneur or guest from abroad who chooses us to be our friend and soul mate!

If you want to become a client of the marketplace, please read the User Agreement.

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