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Удаленный возврат товаров

Return the items purchased in Svetofor, without leaving home!

We care about our customers and we appreciate your time and money. Especially for our clients there is a service  «Remote return of purchases».

This service offers our clients who have no time to shop to buy goods in Svetofor online store, you need just order the goods with delivery.

But if you did not accept the goods for any features or you need to send it for repair, you do not have to go to the Service Centre for this purpose, get a conclusion about state of goods and go to the store. Each client of Svetofor gets an opportunity to send their purchase with our couriers, if the purchase did not satisfy with its technical, quality or other criteria.

To use the service remote return you need only fill in online application form for a refund or call us to the Call-Center of Svetofor +996 (312) 976 997; +996 (555) 938833; +996 (773) 938833; +996 (700) 938833. Our courier will come to you and take the item.

It is important to know!

Service of remote return is paid.

To return your purchase the following conditions must be met:

  1. Save your receipt and warranty card;
  2. Save your purchase in good quality. By products of good quality means a product that retains all the consumer properties and appearance, that is, looks like at the time of purchase, and all the shortcuts and factory markings are kept;
  3. The item must be new, not consumed;
  4. Must not have defects such as scratches, chips, dents and other mechanical damage;
  5. Must have the original packaging with all envelopes, seals and packaging integrity must be not disrupted (for large home appliance foam packaging equipment should not be damaged);
  6. Must have a full complete set (product equipment is indicated on the packaging or in the manual to the product).

If you do not take into account the above points, we cannot guarantee you a full refund or exchange for another similar product.

We guarantee you:

  1. Our couriers will deliver your goods safe.
  2. Our managers will contact you and inform about the current status of your purchase.
  3. Our specialists transparently and professionally diagnose a good and will contact you.

We are glad to help you with saving time and money!

Download return form in pdf

Online application for return of goods